A downloadable game for Windows


My submission for Search for a Star 2017. Developed using Unity. Supports multiplayer which is the fundamental premise of the game. Upto 4-players per game.

How To Play

  • WASD for movement, Left Joystick
  • Space to jump, Y on Xbox360 Controller
  • Mouse for rotation, Right Joystick
  • Highly recommended to use a contoller
  • M to mute the music

A host is required to play the game as it is primarily a multipler game. Supports localhost and local network, although not tested on internet.

How To Win

Players have 2 minutes to score as many points as they can by collecting their own blocks. Blocks are identified by team colours. Avoid enemy blocks or you will lose points. Pickups can be used to aid you, however some are not beneficial.

Known Issues

  • Player names do not display in the lobby

Future Work

  • Adding more pickups to the game
  • Allow for multiple players per team
  • Improve the user interface, and allow for the controller to be used to use it
  • Sounds effects for picking up blocks and pickups, and for when pickups spawn


Bloxz.zip 23 MB

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